New Story Coming Soon

Hello all!

Remember all those "Westward journal entries" that I did? Well, a really brilliant thought hit me. Why not bring the story up to present times? See, my idea is this: Rachel is thirteen years old, and she's a bit rebellious towards her mom. They get into a lot of fights. Quite often actually. The only place that Rachel feels good, is in the attic, looking at all the junk. But one day, Rachel decides to snoop around. And when she does that, she finds Maggie's journal. Rachel eventually figures out that she's related to Maggie, but she doesn't know how. When Rachel starts flipping through the journal, she sees a bunch of names of places that she's never seen or heard of before. Coincidentally, the next day at school, her history class starts learning about the Oregon Trail.

Cool huh? There's a few details that I still need to figure out. Tell me what you think.


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