Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Down Memory Lane

The last time I was here there was a bench...but not anymore. But I still like this picture too
Overhead view of Arcadia Beach
A really old house!
Some more mussel things
I was requested to put this one on here ya go

Sunday, September 18, 2011

More Pictures!!

Reflection and People
Cape Meares Light House~Black&White
Sun in the Corner
The Octopus Tree!
Macro of Barnacles~Arcadia Beach, Or

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Summer Vaca Pics

My new friend!!
My little crab friend!!

Some waves
Another shot of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Or. My Fav:)

A Beautiful Sunset

Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Adventure without Words...well mabybe a few

Ok guys, I'm sorry that I didn't start putting pictures on here last night, but I was tired after school. And my eyes burned from whatever crap is out in the yard and I had a killer head-ache. But that's no excuse. So here, today, I will start putting those pictures on. Here's the first five:

Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon

A different shot of The Rock

Some grasses...the dunes

Twin Rocks in Rockaway Beach, Or. (aka the lochness monster)


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I deeply apologize

I have meaning to put pictures of my summer vacation on this blog of mine, but I just started school as a junior in high school on the sixth of Sept. so I've been really busy. But, I promise you that shortly after I get home from school on Friday afternoon, I will start putting pictures on here. Some of them won't be all that nice, just touristy stuff, but a lot of them will be beautiful :)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Vacation 2011 :)

So, for the past six days, I have been in the most beautiful place ever. The Oregon Coast. I have been coming to the Coast for all my life, give or take the few years we didn't go because of money and stuff. Anyway, this place is breathtaking, absolutely amazing. We left last Saturday at six in the morning...I had to get up at five. We stopped that night in The Dalles at a Super 8. The next morning, Sunday, we continued our journey to the Coast. I think the scariest part was going through the Portland Interchange...never want to do that again.

Once we got to our hotel/cabin thing, we unloaded the car, and hit the beach. I was so excited to be there, hadn't been there since 2009, so that's a two year wait. Our first night there, we ate at this smokehouse place and just chilled. My parents and I were super tired.

Monday, our second day there was filled with activities. We started our day shopping in the town, and I bought stuff, it was fun. We had lunch soon after that and then headed down the highway to another little beach town for more shopping. Our dinner that night was at my favorite restaurant ever! It's called Mo's and I had the most amazing grilled cheese and fries; it was so good.

Our third day there, Tuesday, was spent trying to find this little lighthouse that's only thirty-eight feet tall. The information my mom found said that from our location it would only take about a half hour to get there. Well that didn't exactly happen. It took us two flippin hours to find that stinkin lighthouse and once I saw it, it wasn't that special. After lunch in a parking lot, we headed to Tillamook for the most amazing ice-cream ever. It was so delicious!!!!

On Wednesday, the fourth day of beach heaven, we went back to another beach that we'd been to in the past and wanted to see again. It was nice to see it again but the weather didn't exactly help. That day was so windy, I thought I would have one of those "Wizard of Oz" moments. For the second half of the day, we headed to another beach, my choice mostly, and I saw some horses on the beach. They were being rented to ride. I would have loved to do that! But...I don't know how to ride. So that idea is out. And for dinner we had pizza. Yum!

Today, our fifth day and last day here, and also Thursday, my mom and I did some more shopping before lunch. It was a nice day and only a little bit windy. After lunch, we all headed to another beach that neither of us has been to before, and it was so much fun! There was this huge, and I mean huge, pile of driftwood all jammed up. I was climbing on it and kinda fell. I didn't break anything thank god. I also saw a lot of pelicans! There were nearly 25-30 pelicans and I was nearly 90-100 feet away from them. It was such a spectacular sight; to see them dive into the water for their food. For dinner my parents went to a Mexican restaurant while I stayed behind and had leftover pizza and Skyped with my boyfriend. He is so amazing and I love him so much.

So, after I had finished Skyping, we started loading up the car with all our crap. We're going to hopefully leave by six again, which means I have to get up at five again. Ugh. But I shouldn't complain.

I've had such an amazing time here, and I really wish that we can come again next summer. And maybe I can get my senior pictures done here too. At my absolute favorite place on earth.

Monday, August 8, 2011

The Way I Feel

Hey guys, I'm so sorry that I haven't written anything in long while. I've been busy with Driver's Ed, getting ready for vaca, turning sixteen, and lots of other stuff. Last night, on the 7th, I was up late working on this poem and therefore I apologize if things don't sound gramatically correct. I'm usually not one for sharing feelings where thousands of others can see...but this time is okay I think. My friends don't know about this blog of mine. it is.

Title: The Way I Feel

As soon as I see your name,
my heart starts to pound,
I can't hear any sound,
and I feel no shame.

We were both struck by the arrows of Cupid,
the bow is still quivering,
it's leaving me shivering,
and I hope and pray that I won't ever say something stupid.

You love me for who I am,
even when my crazy Italian side comes out,
I wonder if that ever makes you want to shout,
but I know you'll always be as gentle as a lamb.

There are many things in the world and I don't know it they're true,
there's one thing I know for sure,
I love you and it has no cure,
but I hope that some day I'll be able to show you.

This is honestly real,
don't think it came from out of the blue,
remember all the things that I've told you,
I said them because it's the way I feel.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summertime Fun :)

I was downtown several days ago with my parents and I wanted to take some pictures of the big water fountain that the little kids play in. I just wanted the neat water shots. But what I actually got was a lot better. A once in a lifetime shot I think...but maybe not. Here it is!

Monday, June 20, 2011

WOW! I missed it again...

This is the second year in a row that I've missed my own sad is that?! I haven't been there lately and when I checked my e-mail, I had a comment on my latest post and the person said "Happy Blogeversary!" What?! How did that happen?! Sure enough, I remembered the date I started it [the blog] and I'm like "Crap I missed it again!" But next year...I'll be sure to remember it! Hahaha

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Suck it Up and Get Over It

I've been debating on whether or not to put this on here, let alone even writing it. But I've put this off for too long, I need to get this out in the open. I have many friends, both guys and girls, and I love them all. But I have one friend that has started to drive me crazy quite a lot lately.

This friend of mine has problems at home and she has problems with guys and problems with classes and problems with teacers. I get that, everybody does. But what's different about my friend is that she has such a sour attitude when she's pissed. Her attitude is like a repellent. She gets all silent and mopey (is that a word?) and it makes her friends, including me, want to get away from her and her attitude.

I guess that's why I'm writing this post, to voice my frustrations I can't say out loud to anyone. I'm tired of keeping it all inside. I'm getting so frustrated with my friends mood-swings. Everytime I try to ask her what's wrong, just simple answerable things, she glares at me and tears me apart, and I know it's not because of her period. When my friend gets all mopey the way she does, it's almost as if she's putting us ( me and other friends) on a guilt trip as if we did something wrong. And whenever we try to comfort her she gets even angrier.

Another thing that bothers me about my friends attitude is that whenever she complains about the problems she's having, it's almost like she doesn't think that any one of her other friends has problems; like at home or school or whatever.

I know this sounds like I'm complaining about my friend, but really, I'm not. I'm just frustrated with her at the moment. She's a great friend, and I love her dearly, but for right now, all I can say is, "Suck it up and get over it already before all your friends ditch you..."

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Today is Mother's Day. A day to treat your mom, or step-mom to a new side of you. You may be the type of kid who talks back to your parents or doesn't do your homework or whatever teenagers do. But when your mom tells you things like:

"Clean your room"
"Make your bed"
"Do your homework"
"Get off the computer"
"Hurry up or we'll be late!"

She is really doing what's best for you. Parents watch their kids grow up and pretty soon they're thinking to themselves "Where did the time go?"

Don't be one of those kids who never spends time with your parents or whatever.

Today is Mother's Day, so go to your mom, and say that you love them. Because although you may not realize it, that's what she's saying to you everyday; even if it's not said in words.

I love you mommy! ♥

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Life is a road you can't ignore

Lately, I've been learning some things about life. Things like this:

1) Guys are a specimen that are either one thing or another. They are either really good friends or they're mean idiots.

2) School is a place to learn things that may or may not help me in the future, and I'm okay with that. Another thing that school has is geometry, no comment there...

3) Friends are my rocks, they would do anything for me

4) Family are those people that hound you to do your homework or to brush your teeth or to feed the dog or whatever. Even though you think your family is caaaaaarrrrraaaaaaazy, they're your parents and they know what they're doing. Trust me, I have parents, and sometimes I think they're crazy, but they only want what's best for me

5) Life. I'm learning Life every single minute of every single day. Life is a road. A road that must not be ignored. And I'm not ignoring it.

Sorry I haven't been on in is very dominant...