My westward journal #11


Dear journal,

It’s July now. It’s amazing how fast time has gone buy! We’ve made our way to Independence Rock for a celebration. It’s the fourth of July! Independence Rock is huge and looks like a whale! When we stopped to celebrate, I was tired, so I took a small nap. I awoke to the sounds of our celebration. There was music and laughter and the delicious smell of food. I looked around for Jasper. He caught my eye and we jumped up and down. I got hungry so we went to go eat. The food was extremely good. As I was eating, I looked at the whale rock and noticed a bunch of names on the rock. “Jasper. Look at the rock! There’s a bunch of names on it. Let’s go carve ours!” We raced to the rock and carved our names. After that, we went back to our food. The dancing started when everyone was done eating. Jasper and I joined up and started dancing! Even my parents joined the fun! It was exciting!

Maggie, 9 years old


Connie said…
You should become a big fan of writing because you write good.

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