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Mental Health Awareness Month

Since 1949, the United States has viewed May as Mental Health Awareness Month. Growing up, the only awareness month that I knew about was breast cancer in October. It wasn’t until I stumbled upon an Instagram post by Melissa Benoist (CW’s Supergirl) last fall that I found out about a non-profit called IDONTMIND. “IDONTMIND is a mental health awareness program, working to break down the barrier of stigma and to bring help to those that need it. Our goal is to get people talking about their minds, and to generate positive messaging about mental health.”
At the time, they were selling t-shirts to benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and I decided to purchase one to add my money to the support. But what I didn’t realize at the time was that I really needed to see those words.
I grew up hearing older people ask me why I’m so quiet and I was made to feel that being introverted, being different, was a bad thing! And it’s totally not! It took me awhile to realize but it’s comp…

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