My westward journal #18


Dear journal,

Right now, we have come to a very vital decision. Either we raft down the Columbia River or go take the toll road. Father opted to take the toll road and everyone else quickly followed suit. The toll road is called Barlow Road and it cost us money, but it wasn’t that expensive. The bad thing about Barlow Road is that it’s really rocky and steep and dangerous. Before we started down, we got out the rope we used last time we went down a steep hill. It took us awhile to get down, but we all made it. When we got down tot the bottom, we all stopped to rest. We could see Mt. Hood in the background, and it was beautiful. Some of our wagon train, though, decided that they would stay here. I didn’t mind, because Jasper’s family wasn’t one of the ones to stay.

Maggie, 10 years old


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