Thursday, December 31, 2009

So many things at once!

Migosh! Is it really New Years Eve?! My winter break has gone by so fast! It started on the 21st and now, I have to go back on the 4th of January! During my break, I had two major projects to do. One for Language Arts (or English if you're picky) and the other for my Digital Photography class. I'll let you know more about them when I have more time. As far as the Holidays go, I was busy then too! On Christmas Eve, my mom and I went to my gramma's house. My dad showed up later because he had to work. Also at my gramma's were my mom's two brothers and their wives (which are my uncles and aunts).

Christmas morning, my parents and I opened the rest of our presents and our stockings.

Later that day, we went to one of my brother's apartments here where I live. At the apartment were his older brother and wife (which is my other brother and my sister-in-law) and their mom was there to. And we all found out that the brother that's married is also gonna have a kid! My sister-in-law is 8-9 weeks along, I'm gonna be an aunt when the kid is born, my dad is gonna be a grampa, and the supposed due date is my birthday! August 1st! But babies are rarely born on their due dates right? I was supposed to be born at the end of August, but I wasn't.

On Saturday, I did nothing except work on my two projects and go to Wal-Mart. I bought a new iPod when I was there. It's blue and you can listen to the radio on it. On Sunday, my parents, me, my two brothers and sister-in-law went to the movie theatre and saw 'The Blind Side'. It was so good.

On Monday, my brother and SIL took me back to the mall to get me something for Christmas. I really needed new jeans, so we had some lunch at the food court and then headed to Khols. I tried on like 6 or 7 pairs of jeans and could not find any that fit me or that I liked. So they ended up just getting me a $50 Khols Gift Card. Later that day, my brother and SIL flew back to California where they live. I really miss them during the time that they're not here.

I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A HAPPY (insert here) THIS YEAR. SAY HELLO TO 2010 IN (insert here) HOURS!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This is a "magazine ad" that I made in PhotoShop at school today. Sometime last week, I had to do my product photography session. What you had to do was bring in something to take pictures of, then you had to set up a time. After you got your session scheduled, then you took the Nikon D60 camera (owned by the teacher) and took pictures of your product. You could change the fabric background, the height of the tripod, the lighting, and a bunch of other things. The product that I brought in was Starbursts, ya know, the candy? Well, I took pictures of them. When we were done, we had to create two "magazine ads": one single product, one multiple product. Keep in mind that both "ads" were on the same product. My "ad" was for a Wal-mart ad.