My westward journal #13


Dear journal,

I’m so excited today! It’s my birthday! I’m ten years old today. I’m also excited for another reason. We’re starting to cross the Continental Divide. I thought it was going to be really scary but, it was such a gradual climb I barely noticed. It was supposed to be a short travel, but our oxen teams were tired and slow so it took awhile longer than usual. As we were crossing, father told me it was the start of Oregon Country! Oregon! Oregon! Oregon! We’re almost there! I can feel it in the air, in the winds, everywhere! I can even smell it! Well, maybe I can’t smell it, but there’s this weird feeling deep inside me. I can’t believe I’m almost in Oregon! Me, Maggie, a girl of ten years, in the start of the Oregon Country! Yay! Hooray!

Maggie, 10 years old


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