My westward journal #7


Dear journal,

The lush green surroundings turned into brown ugliness. It is so hot that my lips were starting to crack. My father told me to put some of the axle grease onto my lips. It was gross, but it helped. We were walking for a couple hours when we noticed a rock formation that looked like a jail or courthouse or something. Everyone was wary of it, so we steered clear of it. We kept walking for awhile when father made us stop. We unhitched the oxen and let them eat. We ate too, and I felt better. I fell asleep on the bench of the wagon. I woke up to hear loud cracks and booms. I saw brilliant flashes of light and realized it was lightning. The animals were scared, but we calmed them down. The storm lasted awhile and Jasper and I danced in the rain while it fell.

Maggie, 9 years old


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