This is an essay that I wrote in my History class a couple of weeks ago. I like this essay and I hope you do too! Here it is:

More often that not, when people move to solve or to get away from problems, more problems are often created in the process. Sometimes though, people don’t move by their own choice. They are sometimes persuaded or forced out of their comfort zones. But, moving isn’t the only problem, diseases and sickness happen also.

Throughout history, Native Americans have been kicked off their lands. In 1828, President Jackson took a firm stand on the fate of the Indians. Native American tribes such as The Creek, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Cherokee, and Seminole were some of the tribes that had to move. President Jackson urged the Government to set aside land beyond the Mississippi River. They did and either persuaded or forced the tribes out. Most went without trouble, but the Cherokee stood their ground. In the end though, the Cherokee were forced off their land. They trekked a long journey over two thousand miles to get to their new home. This journey became known as the Trail of Tears.

Another reason to move would be the Gold Rush. In 1848, John Sutter was building a sawmill on the American River north of Sacramento, California, when Sutter’s hire, James Marshall found some gold. It didn’t stay a secret for long though. Soon, over 80,000 came to California in prospect of finding gold. Very few people actually struck it rich. The ones who did, were lucky. The unlucky ones are a different. People died or didn’t find gold at all. Murders and robberies often ruled in the camps because all the greed made most lives a living hell.

Missionaries are yet another reason for moving. In 1836, Marcus and Narcissa Whitman traveled a seven month journey to Oregon to start a missionary. They built their missionary near the Columbia River with the Cayuse Indians. In 1840, more and more white settlers’ came onto Cayuse land. As they spread out, disease struck out to both the whites and the Cayuse. Many Cayuse died. When a measles outbreak from the whites spread to the Cayuse, many Cayuse children died. The Cayuse got angry, blamed the whites, and murdered the Whitman’s and twelve others.

As you can see, moving away to solve problems, often creates more problems. Forced off your land, dying, murders, robberies, diseases, sickness. That just isn’t right. The Cherokee were forced off their land, gold miners murdered and robbed, and the Whitman’s murdered because the Cayuse blamed the sickness on them. Would you move away from problems and then run into these? Or would you rather stay with your original problems and try to fix them? It’s your choice.


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