My westward journal #20

Forgot to mention that yesterday was pi-day. See, the date was 3/14 and the first three numbers of pi are... 3.14!

Remember at my very first post of the westward journals that I was going to have 20 journal entries in total? Well, I kept my word! So here it is, number 20!:


Dear journal,

It’s now September and we’ve been so busy these last couple of weeks. Father left with Jasper’s father to the nearest fort in Oregon to get the cabin supplies for the both of our families. They both came back safely though. And father brought fresh food back for mother! She was so happy! I have sent many letters to family back home. But, it’s going to take a while for me to get replies back. We have roughly a month and a half to get our cabin built. It’s coming along nicely though. It won’t be a permanent fixture. The cabin is just something to get us through the winter. I’m finally home. In Oregon. Where I belong.

Maggie, 10 years old


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