My westward journal #14


Dear journal,

I’m tired and bored. It’s hot, but there’s a breeze, so it’s okay. We have come across Steamboat Springs. It’s an opening in a tock and hot mineral water shoots out of it, making a high pitched whistle sound. We stopped near it, but we didn’t want to camp by it. The water smells funny. I wanted to try some of it, and when I did, I burned my tongue! And the water tastes like metal! Nasty! When I told my mother, she got upset. “Maggie! What on Earth were you thinking? That water is-” My father interrupted her. “Abby, Maggie was just curious.” My mother turned on him. “John, that water is hot. Super hot. And I don’t want anyone going near it!” Both father and I nodded quietly. We promised we wouldn’t go anywhere near the water again.

Maggie, 10 years old


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