Be a Ghost

This is a story that I wrote after hearing a song on the radio. There were only three words that captured my attention: be a ghost. So, I used my growing writing talents and wrote this story!

P.S. Happy St. Patty's Day!

Be a Ghost

Have you ever wanted to be a ghost? Well, I don’t mean that literally though. Because then that would mean you would have to be dead. Right? I’m being serious now. Have you really ever wanted to be a ghost? I know that I have. Being a ghost, or spirit (if that’s what you prefer) would be magical. Just letting your mind drop into nothingness and your being float away would be magnificent. Feeling as if you could drift to the sky, light as a feather, no weights weighing you down would be extraordinary. Moving from place to place with lightning like speed would be splendid. Walking through walls would be brilliant. But, keep in mind though, that being a ghost isn’t always magical, magnificent, extraordinary, splendid, or brilliant. It can be torturous and horrible too. You can see people, but they can’t see you. How would you feel if saw loved ones, but they couldn’t see you? And when you speak out, they can’t hear you. How would you feel then? So, now it is time for you to choose. Do you want to be a ghost and live these wonderful qualities? Or would you want to be a ghost to live these horrid things and feel haunted? But, it’s your choice. Go ahead. Be a ghost.


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