My westward journal #9

Before I put in my ninth westward journal entry, I just want to say that today is... Square Root Day! The date is 3/3/09. See, when you multiply 3 by 3 you get... 9!


Dear journal,

When we left the rock that looked like a chimney, I knew it was going to be another hot day. It was cool in the early morning, but when the sun rose high in the sky, it turned hot. We are slowly making our way across the south side of the Platte River. It’s difficult but not extremely hard. I went to find father to ask if we could stop to eat. At first he said no, but then his stomach rumbled and he then said yes. When we stopped and looked around, we noticed that there wasn’t any wood. Only buffalo chips. Father looked at me and said “Maggie, I want you and Jasper to collect a lot of those chips.” I opened my mouth to protest but I sighed and turned away. After we were all comfortable with food in our stomachs, I got sleepy. I crawled into the wagon and quickly fell asleep. I was jolted awake by our wagon as we continued into the unknown.

Maggie, 9 years old


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