Well. I've moved into my college dorm. Now what?

Instead of doing Opinion Piece Friday, this will be all about college. I moved into my college dorm today and it'll probably be around 10 pm-ish by the time this posts itself. I will more than likely be tired from all the activities going on around me. But most importantly, I can now call myself a college student. I find it highly terrifying. It's like, what the heck am I gonna do for the rest of my life? That's the question that everybody wants an answer to, but people, I ain't got no answer! (**Poor grammar for emphasis, I normally don't talk like this). The stories that I write are just that, stories. They are not books. But if I were to put my stories into an anthology type, and publish it, would I earn money from that? If I were to become a fiction writer and actually crank out a whole book, would I make a living doing that for the rest of my life? And if I were to become a photographer, whether freelance or not, would I make money from that? I honestly have no idea. I'm not going to tell people lies or half truths just to get them to stop asking me. College people say that we have two-ish years to decide your major and possible career once in college. But really, it feels like they want you to figure it out before you even get out of your mother's womb. It's pressuring and I hate the feeling.

This morning the car became packed with all my boxes and other things for my dorm room. After we arrived at the building my parents and I started to unload all of the boxes. It took me a little over two hours two unpack everything and by that time I was super tired and hungry. Perfect time for dinner. I went to a Bon Voyage dinner with my parents and after that, they walked me back to my dorm area and we said goodbye. It was hard for me but I will see them next Friday. And I text them a lot. My classes start on the 25th so I will probably do a post then. I really hope I can survive the next nine months haha. I'm already counting down to when my winter break is and it's 21.5 days; way longer than my high school's!

On a hopefully happier note, if anyone sees this post, it means I survived move-in day. Now I must sleep. I've got a long few days of 'Welcome Week' before classes start next Wednesday.


Anonymous said…
Awwwww, beautiful post my child. Looking forward to the next one.

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