Not Goodbye, but 'See you Later'

Even though I'll be living thirty-ish minutes away from my home town and have the privilege to come home nearly every weekend, today is still a tough day for me. I am busy packing clothes and other last minute things. I am looking at all my childhood stuff and trying not to get emotional. Tomorrow will be a different story. Tomorrow I'll be living in a strange building that I will soon call home, sharing a room with someone (which is something I've never done before), and having more freedom than ever. It's a lot to take in. Tomorrow I move into my dorm and will be experiencing these things for the next nine months. It'll be uncomfortable at first, but that's okay. I'll overcome it and turn out just fine in the end. Going home on weekends will be a great help though, so I don't go completely off my rocker. Haha. But tomorrow will also be filled with tears, from me and my parents. I'm not denying it. It means I actually care. I will miss my parents like crazy and I'm not ashamed of that. Other kids who say that they won't miss their parents, no matter the distance, are lying to themselves. You say you won't miss home, but that's a lie too. Once you come home during the holiday(s), it'll hit you. I'm not saying goodbye, but more like a 'see you later'.
I'll be posting about my move in and other things sometime soon after I get settled in with in the next couple of days!


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