Summer Movies!

Remember my Bucket List post awhile back and how one of the things on there was to watch a lot of movies? Well, I officially marked the last one. In total, whether it was going to the theatre or watching on Redbox, I watched 17 movies this summer. That's quite a record considering we normally do two or three during a summer. But this wasn't really a normal summer. So here are the 17 movies:

1) Epic
2) The Croods
3) Monsters University
4) Beautiful Creatures
5) Silver Lining's Playbook
6) Despicable Me 2
7) Identity Thief
8) Safe Haven
9) The Heat (saw this on my birthday, so funny!)
10) We're the Millers
11) Percy Jackson & The Olympians: Sea of Monsters
12) Admission
13) The Host
14) Lee Daniels' The Butler
15) Oz the Great and Powerful
16) Turbo
17) The Big Wedding


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