I Got Published! :)

I honestly can't remember if I posted my Better Apart poem before, but I would like to now because it got me published! There's a company called Creative Communications and each season they have a contest for both poetry and essays. And there are grade divisions for each section as well. Once you graduate high school, you can't enter anymore, but they are working on a division for people in college and beyond! So for my poem, I entered it for the Spring 2013 contest and weeks later I got an email from the head honcho saying my poem was to be published in their Spring 2013 anthology book of poetry. I said yes, you can publish my poem! I then paid for the book and it was delivered just yesterday! If you want information about Creative Communications, please feel free to visit the website here!

So here is my poem that I entered! I can now say that I'm a published author!

Better Apart
March 12th, 2013
Age: 17

I’ve had enough,
it’s time for me to go,
stop acting so rough,
it’s my turn to say no.

You can’t control me anymore,
you’re no longer a drug,
you’re not a terrorizing wave pounding a shore,
stop being a thug.

I’m not a pawn in your game,
I’m not allergic to your spores,
I need to reclaim my name,
just take your baggage and go out the double doors.

I’m leaving now,
this is where we must depart,
it’s not a question of how,
It’s that we’re really better apart.


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