First day of College!

Today I started college. I guess you could technically say that I started on the 20th of September, but as far as my classes go, today was my first day. And just like every first day of school, no matter what grade you're in, is an overview day. So that was how my first day of school went. Here is a very dry and boring routine that I will follow mostly everyday for the next ten weeks.

First class was Discovering Geology or Geology 100. We went over the syllabus (which tells us the overview of what we're going to study), the grading scale, and what time the lab is open to do our labs. The teacher is funny and nice and the class has about 35 people. Not used to that size yet but I will be. And this is my homework: Copy notes into 5 subject notebook, download a special browser to take online midterms with, and sign into my canvas account to learn how to navigate it.

Second class I went to was Anthropology 101. It was such full, packed room! At least 40 or more people all squished into one room. I felt like a sardine and I was a bit overwhelmed. I got there as fast as I could in ten minutes and almost every seat was full already. Not how I wanted to start my first day of school haha. The teacher is nice, just not like energetic I guess that's the word I'm looking for. But it shouldn't be like that everyday. Here's the homework I had: Look over syllabus and hole-punch it and make a heading in my 5 subject notebook.

Then I had a two and a half hour break where I went all the way back to my dorm and took out the books and things that I didn't need. Then I played some Microsoft Mahjong for a bit before I went to lunch.

The third and final class of the day that I went to was English 101. The teacher is really nice and the classroom had maybe 20 people in it. The smallest yet! And my only homework for the class tonight is to hole-punch the syllabus.

This first week will go by fast. Then I get to go home on Friday! I'm so excited for that!

This is my schedule pretty much for fall quarter. Then it's three totally new and different classes for winter quarter, and the same for spring. College here I come!


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