The Bucket List

Ever since the movie 'The Bucket List' came out in 2007 or so, people have been making lists of things they want to accomplish before they die. But I'm not dying. So I made on for things I want to do before I start college in September because we couldn't afford out traditional weeklong west coastal vacation. And what was originally on the list wasn't necessarily all accomplished. Some other things were thrown on it, others were taken off, or because the weather was just too hot. But here is what the list consisted of:

1) Going to this certain coffee shop with my dad *check*
2) Weekend trip to Leavenworth, Wa *check*
3) Seeing a ton of movies *will do separate post*
4) A day in the downtown part of my city *check*
5) Camping with my dad *check*
6) Spending days just reading *continual*
7) Going to a small little cafe with my parents *check*
8) Going places to take pictures *continual*
9) Spending the day in a neighboring city *check*
10) Going to Palouse Falls *check*

This was just the original list. There are many more things that we did that weren't even added. I'll do another post about those activities. There were so many things on the list that we had to start doing some of these before I even got out of high school. Now I have only nineteen days before I move into my dorm room. In fact, I even have to start packing today. Summertime sure has flown by!


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