Life is a road you can't ignore

Lately, I've been learning some things about life. Things like this:

1) Guys are a specimen that are either one thing or another. They are either really good friends or they're mean idiots.

2) School is a place to learn things that may or may not help me in the future, and I'm okay with that. Another thing that school has is geometry, no comment there...

3) Friends are my rocks, they would do anything for me

4) Family are those people that hound you to do your homework or to brush your teeth or to feed the dog or whatever. Even though you think your family is caaaaaarrrrraaaaaaazy, they're your parents and they know what they're doing. Trust me, I have parents, and sometimes I think they're crazy, but they only want what's best for me

5) Life. I'm learning Life every single minute of every single day. Life is a road. A road that must not be ignored. And I'm not ignoring it.

Sorry I haven't been on in is very dominant...


Anonymous said…
Me caaarrrraaaazzzzyyyy? When you become a mom then you can be crazy too. Excellent post, I'd love to see more of these. Well Done!
Grace Kent said…
Hey, cool blog! I just found it today, and it seems really interesting! I am in ghigh school too, and just started my own blog. You should check it out! I like this psot, and fully agree with number 2. When are we ever going to need to know the periodic table of elements?
Keep posting!
Grace Kent
Anonymous said…
All parents are completely nuts! And you have told me anything yet, please sent me an email, and check yours.
Lovn Faith

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