Vacation 2011 :)

So, for the past six days, I have been in the most beautiful place ever. The Oregon Coast. I have been coming to the Coast for all my life, give or take the few years we didn't go because of money and stuff. Anyway, this place is breathtaking, absolutely amazing. We left last Saturday at six in the morning...I had to get up at five. We stopped that night in The Dalles at a Super 8. The next morning, Sunday, we continued our journey to the Coast. I think the scariest part was going through the Portland Interchange...never want to do that again.

Once we got to our hotel/cabin thing, we unloaded the car, and hit the beach. I was so excited to be there, hadn't been there since 2009, so that's a two year wait. Our first night there, we ate at this smokehouse place and just chilled. My parents and I were super tired.

Monday, our second day there was filled with activities. We started our day shopping in the town, and I bought stuff, it was fun. We had lunch soon after that and then headed down the highway to another little beach town for more shopping. Our dinner that night was at my favorite restaurant ever! It's called Mo's and I had the most amazing grilled cheese and fries; it was so good.

Our third day there, Tuesday, was spent trying to find this little lighthouse that's only thirty-eight feet tall. The information my mom found said that from our location it would only take about a half hour to get there. Well that didn't exactly happen. It took us two flippin hours to find that stinkin lighthouse and once I saw it, it wasn't that special. After lunch in a parking lot, we headed to Tillamook for the most amazing ice-cream ever. It was so delicious!!!!

On Wednesday, the fourth day of beach heaven, we went back to another beach that we'd been to in the past and wanted to see again. It was nice to see it again but the weather didn't exactly help. That day was so windy, I thought I would have one of those "Wizard of Oz" moments. For the second half of the day, we headed to another beach, my choice mostly, and I saw some horses on the beach. They were being rented to ride. I would have loved to do that! But...I don't know how to ride. So that idea is out. And for dinner we had pizza. Yum!

Today, our fifth day and last day here, and also Thursday, my mom and I did some more shopping before lunch. It was a nice day and only a little bit windy. After lunch, we all headed to another beach that neither of us has been to before, and it was so much fun! There was this huge, and I mean huge, pile of driftwood all jammed up. I was climbing on it and kinda fell. I didn't break anything thank god. I also saw a lot of pelicans! There were nearly 25-30 pelicans and I was nearly 90-100 feet away from them. It was such a spectacular sight; to see them dive into the water for their food. For dinner my parents went to a Mexican restaurant while I stayed behind and had leftover pizza and Skyped with my boyfriend. He is so amazing and I love him so much.

So, after I had finished Skyping, we started loading up the car with all our crap. We're going to hopefully leave by six again, which means I have to get up at five again. Ugh. But I shouldn't complain.

I've had such an amazing time here, and I really wish that we can come again next summer. And maybe I can get my senior pictures done here too. At my absolute favorite place on earth.


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