My Vacation!!!!

(This is a picture of Manzanita, Oregon!) Hello all! Tomorrow, I will be leaving around 6am from my house to go on vacation! My family and I will be heading to Lacey, Washington to spend a night there. We will be visiting my dad's uncle. After spending a night there, we'll head down to Manzanita, Oregon. That's where our hotel is. We will be going to Cannon Beach, Oregon as well as Tillamook, Oregon. I haven't been on the coast in over 2 years! I love going there. One of our favorite dinner places is Mo's Restaurant in Cannon Beach! I will be back Friday late in the afternoon. My parents will be spending their anniversary while on vacation. It will be their 26th wedding anniversary!


Anonymous said…
Aren't you a lucky girl to be going to the coast. I'm very jealous. And 26 years, WOW!

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