I got a haircut!

I bet that doesn't sound very exciting to all of you, but it does to me! When I got my perm in December of '08, I was happy to have curly hair. But then it started growing out and I had like two inches of straight and then the rest was curly. I became tired with it and I wanted something new. And that's exactly what I got. During last Thursday, I finally got my hair cut. I was so excited to finally get some of my mane cut off. The lady who did it, did a very nice job. I donated my hair for the third time when I got my hair cut. They only need six inches at the minimum and all the donated hair makes wigs for children with cancer. This organization is called Pink Heart Funds and you can go HERE for more information. I got a lot of my perm taken out, but what's left looks more natural. The pictures above are a before shot and an after shot!


Anonymous said…
What a cutie! Now it looks like you are ready for High School. ARE you ready? I will miss you very much on your first day. I will pace around the house like a lonely kitty who has been abandoned. I may even have to have to talk to your Dad out of boredom. Oh the horrors. Do you get that I will miss you? Love, your mummy
Anonymous said…
Your hair is very cute; very grown-up looking. A good style for you!

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