My Birthday (Pt. 2)

(The picture here is of my friends and I at dinner!) Today is the second part of my b-day! Last night, it was for friends. And it was fun! As you read in the post before, my mom let me invite 2 friends to take to dinner. So, I invited 2 friends and we went to dinner. It was awesome to watch the chefs make the food in front of you! They are so fast! From one friend, I got a 15.00 gift card to iTunes and a box of Mike n' Ikes. (From her mother, I got a miniature horse statue.) And from the other friend, I got a book, the Twilight Original Soundtrack, a 4 pin Bad Vamp set (Twilight), some Twilight themed Sweethearts (Ya know, they have words on them), and I guess that was it for friends presents. I love those two girls!

As for today, one of my brothers is coming over with his mother. We're going to have carrot cake and vanilla ice cream. And I'm going to open presents from my family!


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