I had so much fun!

If you read my blog recently, then you know that I went on vacation. I went to Manzanita, Oregon...and I had a blast. We went to so many places. First of all, the time to check in to the hotel wasn't until 3:00pm, so we had some time to kill. We had to pass through Astoria and Seaside to get to Cannon Beach. Which is where we stopped to kill the time. What I find totally funny is that Cannon Beach is split up into three parts. One is where all the shops are. Another one is where the restaurants are. And the last one is what I call 'Midtown'. But that's not the right order. I forgot what the right one is. Our first night in we went back to Cannon Beach for dinner. We went to a restaurant called Mo's. I love it there because no matter where you sit, you can see the ocean! On Tuesday, we went to a place called Nehalem Bay State Park. We had some time left that day, so we went to Tillamook. They sell cheese, ice cream, and meat at their factory. It's really cool there. On Wednesday, we went back to Cannon Beach to do some more shopping. We got saltwater taffy. And boy is that stuff good. Back at the hotel in Manzanita, we watched a DVD. It was 'Gran Torino'(with Clint Eastwood in it) and it was a good movie but had a sad ending. For dinner that night, we went to a nice restaurant in Cannon Beach for my parents anniversary. On Thursday, our very last day, we went to Hug Point and Arcadia Beach. It did not rain at all on Thursday. Later during the day, close to six, we went out to the beach and had a beach fire. We roasted marshmallows. Mmmmmmmmmmm! We didn't have smores but roasted marshmallows was good enough. On Friday, we got up early and headed out to go home. I had so much fun over there. And sometimes, I even wish I could live there! But I don't know if I would be able to handle the rain and constant moisture


Anonymous said…
We all had a good time didn't we? But you are forgetting one teeny, tiny, little event in which you thought your camera wanted to go for a swim. But all-in-all we had a blast. Can't wait for next year already!

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