I'm as ready as I'll ever be

Today was my first day of high school. It was really difficult finding my classes because almost half of it is under construction. The other half is complete. There are three floors in my new school. And I'm totally not used to that yet. The lunch is okay. I had pizza today. During the middle of our schedules, we had an assembly and all grades were in the gym. The gym is really beautiful because it's brand new. There are also new rooms that look amazing but some of them have a funny smell. My first period is science, just plain 9th grade science and it is in a building that's separate from the main school. It's called the Field School, but the students and staff call it the 'Annex'. My second period is Introductory to Fitness in the gym. My third period is English 9A Honors. My fourth period is Digital Photography 1. And then I have lunch. My fifth period is 9 World History A Honors. And my sixth period is Integrated Math 1A. In that class we have to have a really big calculator and it's called TI-84. I will have more to talk about tomorrow when my brain isn't so full of stuff.

P.S. I did okay for my first day of school. I was a little tired, but I got woken up a bit. Other than getting lost, I think did okay!


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