Not so perfect attendee

I missed a day of school today because I am sick. But I'm getting better though. Anyway, at my school we have two semesters and each semester has two quarters. So, I have four quarters. We have this really cool new thing this year that if you don't miss a single day in the quarter, you get to do this special event at the end. Of course, you start over at each new quarter. I missed the cool field trip for first quarter, but I have three more to do the fun field trips! Also we have two awards assemblies (one for each semester) and you get the Perfect Attendance award if you don't miss any days in each semester. I won't get any for the first one, But I'm determined to get one for the second one!


Anonymous said…
Were you reaaaalllly sick or did you just want to stay home and read your magazines???
F.M. said…
Yes, M I was really sick.

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