I think I need to do a little explaining. I have never done anything like this before so I guess I was expecting more than what really happened. I had a base amount of $61.00 and when I counted the money at home, I had $117.00. I then subtracted $61.00 from $117.00 and got $56.00. I was at Yokes for 4 hours and I earned $56.00. I know now that I need to look on the bright side, not because I was only there for 4 hrs. but because I earned money for my trip. I'm grateful for any amount.


Anonymous said…
That's the spirit, little buckaroo.
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I had not looked at your blog in several weeks. I will be very happy to send you a few dollars for your trip.
Love you
Aunt D
anml_lvr said…
Anonymous#1- is this M?

Anonymous#2- That's okay. Sometimes people can get busy and forget things. I would really appreciate it if you could send a few dollars. I also have chocolate to sell.

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