My very first Dance!!!!

This might sound cheesy, but I had my very first dance Wednesday October, 29th. I didn't go to any of my seventh grade dances. The school was having a deal that if you bought your yearbook, you would get a free dance ticket. I didn't want to go to the dance but I wanted a yearbook. I bought the yearbook. I received my free dance ticket. So, last night I went to my first dance of the year and I had so much fun! Except, I hated the music. It sucked.


Anonymous said…
What kind of music was it? What made it so much fun?

Anonymous said…
So, let me get this straight. You didn't want to go to the dance but you wanted a year book. You got the year book, got the ticket and went to a dance you didn't want to go to in the first place, and you even liked it, even though the music sucked.

I think you should answer Paul's question.
Anonymous said…

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