Barack Obama vs John McCain

In my opinion I think that Obama would make a much better president than McCain. I believe this because Obama sounds like someone who could keep their promises. For example, in the commercials for Obama it says information like 'Sen. Obama will do good because....' Well, I believe it. I want Barack for his words, his promises. Do you remember that famous Martin Luther King (Jr.?) speech? I know that most of you weren't alive back then or maybe you were to young to remember it. I certainly don't remember it because I wasn't alive yet, but I do remember hearing about it and seeing it on t.v. Ever since I saw that speech on t.v, I've been listening closer to the words that people say. Their words. That's why I want Sen. Barack Obama. For his words. His promises. What I don't want is Sen. John McCain and his scary VP Sarah Palin.

Some of you readers out there might say 'Wow' or 'What's she talking about?' I may not know what I'm talking about, but that doesn't matter. I'm only 13 but I think that the young peoples voices should be heard too.


Anonymous said…
Right on girlfrien'. I like how you think! He is my homeboy too!!!

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