Ah yes, the aspects of love. I'm pretty sure that most of you know what I'm talking about. If you don't, no big deal. If any or all of my readers out there in the world (or my own house) you know that I'm a middle schooler and in the eighth grade. Anywho, I was sitting in my last class and someone comes up to me, sits down next to me, and passes a note. Me being stupid, opened up the note. Bad mistake. I came to regret opening up the note. It's been the third one in three weeks. Oh well. I'm pretty sure that if my brother reads this, I'll soon be getting a phone call. Good thing my mom already knows.


Anonymous said…
Knows WHAT? You didn't give me enough info. Are we going to have to have THE talk?
Anonymous said…
At least you spelled "eighth" right. What did the note say?? Who was it from?? Is there any variation on the name that I can call him?? Why don't you just write what was on the note??

Tony said…
Are you getting a love-note from a would-be Romeo once a week? I agree with Paul, you should share what was on the note.

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