My Journey- Day 0

This is the beginning of my journal:

-Day 0: Tuesday June 16, 2009

All Day: Came to school for like an hour. I then proceeded to the airport. It took us awhile to get on the plane. The turbulence was okay. The first plane only took an hour or so. But, the second plane took three hours or so. After that when the plane landed, we got our crap and headed out the door at the Dulles Airport. We took two taxis to get to the airport. Four of us were in one taxi, and the other 4 were in the second taxi. When us girls got to our room, we got ready for bed to crash. But our neighbors kept calling and knocking on our door. They even slipped a note under our door! Can you believe that?! But, my friends and I eventually all fell asleep.


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