Day 4: June 20 , 2009

-Day 4: June 20 , 2009
8:44 a.m- I didn't eat much breakfast. I don't feel very good. Last night, we had pizza for dinner and then went to the Empire State Building. When we were done with that, we went to the hotel/motel. I took a shower to wash my hair. It felt so good. My friend blow-dried it for me. When I finally went to bed, I got four hours of sleep. When I woke up this morning, I brushed my teeth, and waited for the same friend to straighten my hair for tonight's Broadway play. It worked okay. My hair is so thick and long. I also heard it was supposed to rain, so the day that I get my hair done, the weather is crap. I also don't have any make-up to wear. It sucks. By the way, the play that I'm seeing is Mary Poppins. I wanted to see Phantom of the Opera. But no, it had to be this!


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