Independence Day

Hello anybody and everybody. Today is July 4th, and a reason to be proud. On this day in 1776, fifty-six different men signed the Declaration of Independence. This document stated our freedom from Britain. My favorite fact about the DOI is that John Hancock, the president of all this, signed his name the largest because he wanted everyone in the world to see it. Today for the 4th, my parents and I are going down to the river to watch the fireworks. We take pop, licorice, and onion popcorn. That stuff is the best. My mom pops a lot of popcorn, puts it in a bag, puts butter on the popcorn, and shakes it up. Then, she takes dry Lipton Onion soup mix and puts it on the popcorn and shakes that all up. And what do you get? Onion popcorn! But, before we leave, my dad and I are going to set up the tent in the backyard. We are going to have a backyard camping trip! Doesn't that sound exciting?! Feel free to comment and say what you're going to do on this holiday!


Anonymous said…
Hey, I'm doing the same thing! Isn't that a coincidence? Your mom sounds like the coolest, bestest, mom in the world.
Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. Yes, there are rodeo teams at some high schools. I agree with you about cats being quieter than dogs. It is nice you volunteer at your local shelter.

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