The Goodbye Letter: Part 6 (Last Part)

Aly heard a yawn behind her and turned to see Rosalie’s eyes open. She ran over to her sister. Aly didn’t know what to say, so she just put her hand in Rose’s. Tears were running down both of their faces. Aly was about to speak, when Dr. Gates came in with the food. He brought it over and set it on the table. Aly looked in the bag and saw most of her favorite foods. Aly started tearing into the food.

After what seemed like endless hours of eating, Aly settled back into the chair with a sigh. She closed her eyes, and asked Rosalie what had happened. Rosalie started telling Aly what had happened to her. Aly settled into the chair more comfortably, while Rose told her story. This is a story I’ll never forget, Aly told herself. And with that thought, she concentrated on emptying her mind and concentrated on letting Rosalie’s voice create a picture in her head.


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