The Goodbye Letter: Part 5

When Aly came out of the bathroom, she went to her backpack and got out her favorite book and her iPod. She sat down on the chair beside Rosalie. Aly found one of her favorite bands, Metro Station, and started playing those songs. She soon found it hard to concentrate on her book. She put the book in the chair and started dancing. She was so engrossed in the song “Shake It”, that she didn’t hear Dr. Gates come in. The song ended and Aly heard clapping.

She whirled around so fast, she nearly fell. Aly saw Dr. Gates leaning up against the door with a big smile on his face. Aly turned her iPod off and put it in her backpack. Dr. Gates walked into the room and started checking Rosalie’s I.V’s. Aly had a question that was bugging her. “Dr. Gates, how long was I asleep?” Dr. Gates looked at Aly and chuckled. “Aly, you were asleep for two and a half days. You fell asleep late Friday night.” Aly did the math in her head. Her eyes bugged out. It all came out in rush.

“So, I fell asleep late Friday night, and slept for two and a half days. Oh no! It’s Monday afternoon! I have to get to school!” Aly started gathering her things. She felt Dr. Gates’ hands on her shoulders. “Aly! It’s okay. I called your school and talked to your principal. He understands. You don’t have to go to school for awhile. Oh yea. I’m bringing you some food. It’s not hospital food, and I suspect your starving.” As if in agreement, Aly’s stomach let out a loud rumble. Dr. Gates laughed and left the room.


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