The Goodbye Letter: Part 3

Dr. Gates left, leaving Aly with Rosalie. Aly felt terrible. She should have been in the ambulance with her sister. Aly got up from her place beside Rosalie, and went to her binder. She grabbed a pencil and a piece of paper and sat down again.

Aly decided to write a letter to her sister. For the next couple of hours, Aly thought hard about what she was going to write. Once she had a good idea about her writing, she wrote with feeling. More than once, when Aly was working on her letter, nurses came in and checked Rosalie’s IV’s.

When Aly finished her letter, she read it more than once to make sure it was perfect. Aly checked outside the hospital room to make sure no one was listening. She cleared her throat and started reading the letter to Rosalie.

“Dear Rosalie,

I don’t know if this is goodbye or hello. I’m expecting the best, but preparing for the worst. If this is goodbye, then it’s goodbye. I’ll let you go with ease, without pain. I will be sad to let you go, but I won’t grieve. I will take care of myself as well as mom. I promise you that, Rosalie. If this is hello, then it’s hello. When you come home, I’ll help you, even if it makes me sick. I’ll be your perfect little sister if it makes you happy. I’ll do anything you want me to. Just let me know, Rose. Just let me know. I want to make you happy. I love you, Rosalie. I always will. I’m expecting to see your smiling face soon. I love you.”


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