The Demons in my Head

This is a poem that I wrote just last night. It's about the hardships that the soldiers go through in Iraq. I don't want to make anyone upset by this poem. If you are, I'm truly sorry.

The demons are in my head.

The alcohol, burning as it goes down my throat.

The hallucinations are in front of me.

It’s how I cope with them. The demons of course.

I can’t help it.

I’ve seen things.

I’ve heard things.

I’ve done things.

I can’t stop it. They keep coming.

They will always be there.

I can’t hide it.

I’ve tried to get help.

It doesn’t work.

They’re too strong.

They’re not humans or ghosts.

They’re memories.

Of my time in Iraq.

And it’s hell.


Anonymous said…
Bravo Missy. You write about things that you don't even know about but it sounds like you do. Do you know what I mean? It's called compassion. Don't ever lose it.

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