WASL Prep: Thursday and Friday

Sorry I'm a little behind. On Thursday and Friday I had more WASL Prep. On Thursday, in Science, we worked on listing materials and writing the procedure for a scientific investigation. My friend and I couldn't get math help because our math teacher left at lunch time. And in Language Arts, we were going to go over that reading comprehension, but we ran out of class time.

On Friday, we continued to work on the materials and the procedure for Science. That's about all I got to do for WASL Prep, because I got to go on my third attendance trip to a skating rink! I missed most of Math, all of Art, all of Language Arts, and all of Gym! I left school at 11:45am and didn't get back until school ended at 3:15pm!

This weekend though, I'm practicing some math items that I don't get: fractions, decimals, & percents.


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