My History Essay on the Civil War

My latest History Essay is about the Civil War. We had 15 prompts to choose from. I chose the one that said I had to create dialogue that was being said between a person in the North and a person in the South. I really like mine. I have some twists and an epilogue. Well, here it is:

The night slowly started to come to a close. The sun settled on the horizon, letting its bloody fingers linger in the sky. The sun then settled deeper into the sky, making the bugs start to go away. The trees were creating large shadows. Unaware of their surroundings, two men sat huddled close together deep in conversation about a very important issue that was raging between the North and South: The issue of Slavery.

“I understand big brother, that you are a plantation owner and need slaves to pick the cotton for you. You treat them like nothing!” He was so furious that some spit came flying out of his mouth. Anthony Sullivan started to calm down. He sighed. His older brother, John Sullivan, lived in the South running a plantation. Anthony lived in the North and was secretly an abolitionist helping to free the slaves. John didn’t know.

Anthony spoke again. “Okay, John. Tell me. What do you think of all this slavery?”

John hesitated. “Well, we have a whole hell of a lot more Cotton Production than you guys in the North, so we have a use for the slaves, to pick the cotton for us.” He paused to take a sip of his whiskey.

“Also, if you try to tell a Southerner he can’t own slaves, he’ll get angry.” John smiled a devilish smile.

Anthony inhaled and exhaled sharply. “You mean to tell me that you’re secretly an abolitionist posing as a plantation owner?!”

John chuckled. He never told his brother. “Yes baby brother. I am. I never told you because I never really thought about it.”

Anthony was silent for awhile. He knew his brother was secretive, but not this secretive. He decided to tell John his own secret. “Well, my brother my friend, I’m secretly an abolitionist too.”

Now it was John’s turn to be quiet. His younger brother was never like this. This was totally unexpected.

Anthony didn’t wait for a response. “You know John, we could work together. But, it would be extremely dangerous.” His usually child-like eyes were now oddly serious.

John thought hard about it. He agreed it be dangerous. But, he also agreed to help his brother.

The two men continued their conservation deep into the night and early morning. When neither man could get any more input into the conversation because the other kept interrupting, they stopped talking, stood up, and embraced in a brotherly hug.


Ten years have past since that meeting between Anthony and John Sullivan. Between the two men, they have freed over 215 slaves by using the Underground Railroad. Anthony Sullivan still lives in the North as an abolitionist. But, only a few select people know that. His older brother, John Sullivan, still resides in the South running a plantation. A very successful plantation. Only a few people know John’s true identity, though. As far as the freed slaves go, no one knows. Anthony and John haven’t heard from any of them for years. But, I think, anyone can assume that they’re eternally grateful.


MeghnaK said…
i just so LOVEEEEEEEEEEE this essay....m sure I'd have got the highest grade, had I written his.,...u have immense talent my dear Zawan...m so proud to be your friend :)

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