The Goodbye Letter: Part 1

This is a story that I wrote. It's sort of sad but it has a happy ending!

Aly and her two best friends, Kiera and Julie, were walking in a leisurely pace on their way to school. They were listening to their favorite song, Love Story, on each of their Ipods. Julie glanced at her watch and saw that they had only ten minutes to get to school.

"Oh no! We’re late. Come on!”

All three girls gradually picked up speed, until they were running at top speed. Within three minutes, Aly, Kiera, and Julie were on school grounds heading towards their line. As the girls were talking, Aly doubled over and let out a moan.

Julie and Kiera gathered around Aly. “It’s my sister!” She gasped, trying to force the words out. “She’s hurt, I l know she is.”

Julie and Kiera knelt down in concern. “Aly, are you okay?!” asked Julie, her voice shaking.

“I’m fine guys. I think Rosalie must have gotten punched in the gut or something!” She laughed weakly. Her older sister, Rosalie, was in high school and could get a little over-protective about Aly. Julie and Kiera helped Aly up and they went inside.

Through-out the morning, Aly continued her routine as usual. As Aly settled down in her seat for her third class, her teacher came to her desk and whispered urgently. “Aly, take your stuff and head to the office. Your mom’s here to pick you up.” Confused, Aly got up, grabbed her stuff, and headed to the office.


Ananya said…
Nice story. I'm new over here.
BTW u have a wonderful blog
F.M. said…
@Ananya- Thanks for the comment. I'll come and visit your blog soon, I promise.

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