Ridding the World of Pennies

Last night I watched the last 15 minutes of 60 Minutes. (Normally I don't watch this show because I think it's boring.) Morly Shaffer, the reporter, visited one of the mints where they create pennies. Shaffer was at the mint because there's controversey about the penny. Some people think the penny should be taken out of circulation. Other people want our beloved penny to stay in circulation. As for myself, I want our penny to stay. The important people who mint the pennies are thinking about creating new backsides to the penny. They all look really cool. Our beloved penny with good ol' honest Abe Lincoln on the back won't ever be taken away.(Or at least I hope it won't.)

ta ta for now

P.S. Do you think our penny should be taken away?


Anonymous said…
Well, as a person who gives you all of his spare pennies whenever you have a penny drive, I personally wouldn't mind getting rid of pennies. In fact, if I drop a coin, I check to see if it is silver or a penny. I'll spend the time to pick up anything silver, but if it's a penny I just leave it on the ground. In fact, I'll sometimes throw pennies at objects if I have enought of them. One time I was in Seattle and was trying to land a bunch of pennies on top of a light fixture from above. It would also save a bunch of money to get rid of pennies, not to mention the fact that the value of pennies that people have would go up because they wouldn't make any more. Of course it would take a few decades for the value to increase any amount, but at least it would go up. Talk to you later -- Paul

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