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In my profile I mentioned that I like animals and that I also volunteer at my local animal shelter. Well, it's true. I'm 100% animal lover. On Sunday, July 20th I went to the animal shelter. There are only dogs and cats there so that's why I'm in the cat department. I'm going to list some names now. These are cat names. You may have the same name so please don't get offended.

My favorite female cats & kittens:
. Brooklyn (adopted)
. Francesca (adopted or in ISO)
. Lenore
. Pheobe
. Midnight
. Mama Kitty
. Jonie
. Mary Anna
. Annie
. Mother and daughter (no names; long hair Calico)

My favorite male cats & kittens:
. Gorgon (adopted)
. my pretty boy Jake (adopted or in ISO)
. Half Pint (kitten)
. Dip Stick (kitten)
. Chubby (kitten)

Saturday, July 26th there's going to be an event at the animal shelter. I'm going to this event because I'm a volunteer. All staff and volunteers will get a special T-shirt. I'm not aloud to say what the event is called.

So long

P.S. Do you volunteer anywhere?


Anonymous said…
My mom was looking at your profile (she is Bandita Sandra). I noticed you volunteer at the animal shelter. I do too, My mother and I clean all the cat cages and sometimes the puppy area when time allows.

Message me sometime, I will PM you my address on the TB site.

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