Do you remember that event that I told you about in my previous post? Well, I went to it and I had fun . I was there for 5 hours. I had to stay inside the whole time in the big cat room to help customers and answer questions. I didn't mind because it was quite hot outside that day. Before I went home I got 2 shirts and a goody bag. Inside the goody bag there was a small bag of dog food, a pen, a notepad, an orange bracelet, and information and dogs and cats.

As Tigger would say, ta ta for now.

P.S. Do you own any animals?


Anonymous said…
I own a little kitty. She's all black and has two white spots - one on her chest and one on her stomach. She likes to roll around in the dirt, hates cardboard, and loves to chase insects. The other day she brought a grass hopper in the house and was playing with that for a while. She also likes to chase string. About the only things she does are: eat, sleep, poop, sit around, lick herself, and purr.

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