3rd Permit, New Wheels, the dreaded Freeway, and a License

Back during the warmer months of 2015, when I was still living with my ex, I had come to the conclusion that I had wanted to start my driving practice again and eventually get my own car. I wanted to be a bit more independent and to have fun by myself somewhere while the ex was at work.

One day after school had ended for the year, and while the ex was at work, I took the bus into town and to re-take the written portion of the drive test. Where I live, the written portion is good for 1 or 2 years after your Driver's Ed gets finished. I waited too long to do the driving portion of the licensing process, so I had to take the written again. I ended up passing with a good score and I was good to go and get my third permit. All of this happened within a week of each other and I was able to start driving legally again. I had never driven illegally though!

I started driving practice in my dad's car and my mom's car so that I could get a feel for both vehicles and I decided that being up high and seeing the road was much better for my short stature, so that was the format of the car that I was going for.

Later in 2015, before I started my junior year of college, my parent's and I found the perfect little car for me! I was able to drive it every Sunday back to my college apartment as long as my mom or dad was in the car with me, because I still had my permit, and then I would take the bus every Friday to come back home.

Going to college involved the freeway. Before driving on the real freeway, the closest practice I got to it was local highways and roads that travel next to the freeway. Going on it for real was so nerve-wracking the first time! It became easier after every trip back to school, but that didn't mean that I never stopped paying attention to the road or other drivers around me.

During the spring of 2016, during Spring Break itself, I felt ready to take the actual driving test to get my license. I had done many hours of practice, but when I got the results of the test, I hadn't passed it with a good enough score. I was pretty bummed, and actually cried a little, but I rescheduled the test for the summer with a larger package that included a practice drive test before the actual drive test. That package did the trick because I passed with a greater score than the previous test. I was finally more independent than I had ever been before, and it left the opportunities wide open!


Grumpy said…
Congrats! Good choice of cars, not too big and not too small. Enjoy your freedom.

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