Summer Vacation 2015

During the summer of 2015, the same summer where I got away from my ex, my family and I took a much needed family vacation to the coast. It was healing and very rejuvenating, not just for me, but for the whole family! Normally we go somewhere along the Oregon coast, but this time we decided to stay in Seaview, Washington, just a bit outside of Long Beach.

Day 1: Arrived at our cottage and met one of the resident cats, who was intently licking off the meat flavor from the sandwich I had for lunch!

Day 2: Explored the little town and discovered a shop that sold anything and everything related to the ocean, drove down to Fort Stevens State Park, and saw where the Columbia River met the Pacific Ocean! As we were heading out of the park, I spotted some of what I believe to be Elk.

Day 3: Headed into the Long Beach/Nahcotta area and toured a working cranberry bog/farm. It had cranberries growing when we were there, but they were still very green and wouldn't be edible for another few months. Also spotted a cute little bird that I thought to be a Savannah Sparrow.

Day 4: Drove down into Cannon Beach, Oregon to soak up some salty air and look at our favorite rock, Haystack!

Day 5: Drove to Westport and had a quick lunch and walked around the marina. I even spotted a seal in the harbor. I had been to Westport as a kid and I loved it! It seemed so cool to me. When I went there again in 2015, it had lost its appeal. It didn't seem as cool anymore; probably because I got older!

Day 6: I took a walk with my mom around the town and then my parents and I headed to the Willapa National Wildlife Refuge to see some critters, if any. I did manage to see a Cedar Waxwing fly by, and this little fellow on the grass, but I'm not sure what it is. Later that day we watched the sunset because the next morning we had to head home!


Grumpy said…
You have inherited your mother's eye for photography. Yes, those are elk.

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