Snow Sucks!!!!

I normally like winter, but not this year! On Wednesday the 17th is when the snow hit. It was really bad and the news kept broadcasting live weather reports for about five hours!I found out early Thursday morning that school was closed. Oh boy. Now I had to make the day up later in the year. On Friday, school was also canceled. Another day to make up. Saturday, we shoveled and shoveled and shoveled. It was very bad. On Sunday, we did nothing except shovel because we were trapped! My mom and I are going bonkers! Now, it's Monday and I had to get up early to..... wait for it..... shovel. And it was very deep. My mom was going to go to work today, but the lady she works for told her no. So she won't get paid. I am officially on Winter Break right now, and I'm going to go back on January 5th. I hope that that day doesn't get canceled as well! I'm extremely bored and I have nothing to do. I have read so many books that would make anyone elses' head spin!
Pics are coming soon!


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