The first 4.0

This is a story I wrote over the summer. It's based on a true story about me and a friend. The two names I used in this story are ones I picked out myself. If you have one of these names, please do not be offended!

Lila knew she should be happy for her friend but she wasn’t. She was angrier than ever. She felt her cheeks grow hot and tears come to her eyes. Lila and her best friend Ana, had been attending Shadybrook elementary for seven years out of seven.

As soon as Lila and Ana went in the fourth grade, the fifth, and the sixth, they attended the tri-annual awards assemblies. Ana was in a different class than Lila. Ana’s teacher had very high standards. For the next 2 and a half years, Ana received 4.0 and Lila did not.

The very last awards assembly in 6th grade on the last day of school, Lila was more determined than ever to receive the 4.0. When she walked in the gym she whispered “4.0, 4.0, 4.0, 4.0.”

When Lila’s teacher got up to the stage she and Ana were both understandably nervous. Ana went up first. Of course, she got 4.0. Lila heard her name get called:
“Lila Panerello, Academic Honor Roll, 4.0”

Lila could not believe her ears. Lila jumped up, pounded the air with her fist, and hugged Ana. Lila went up to the stage with tears in her eyes and pride overwhelming her. She, Lila Panerello, who had never received a 4.0 since the 4th grade, had just received her first 4.0. Lila was so proud of herself. All she could do was stand there on the stage and let the tears fall freely.


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