A lucky dog gets a surviving chance

A couple of weeks ago, I was watching the local 6:00 news. Normally, I don't watch the news because I have homework, but this time I didn't. One story caught my eye. I am an animal lover, so this story settled deep in my heart for a long stay.

This particular news piece was about a very sick dog. He has something wrong with his nervous system and has trouble putting weight on his back feet because he can't feel them. His loving and caring owner helps him stand by putting a towel around his low tummy and holding the towel by the ends.

One day, the dogs owner decided to have a yard sale. In 48degree weather. Just for her dog. So, she scrounged up everything and every piece of junk she had to sell. Her friends also pitched in and brought over their stuff too. She had this sale to help pay off the growing veterinarian bills that were piling up. The last I heard the faithful owner had $800.00 to pay for veterinary bills.

It's been a couple of weeks now, and I'm sure that she has raised even more money. So, everyday, my heart goes out to all the sick dogs out there in the world.


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