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As you know, I went to Seattle for the weekend. On Saturday, we walked around. And about 7:30 at night we went up the Space needle to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.I also bought a key chain for a friend. I cannot show the picture yet because it's not on the computer. On Sunday I went to Pike's Place Market, I did the Underground Tour, went to the Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, and went to a t-shirt shop. On that day I bought a hair decoration, a bag of Jelly Beans, a key chain for myself, a pink bracelet, and a shirt. On Monday, on the way home we stopped at the big fruit and antique stand in Thorpe, Washington just outside Ellensburg. I bought 4 honey sticks and 2 carmals. It was very dusty. In fact, we drove through a dust storm. While I took a nap, my mom drove by a freeway brush fire outside of Moses Lake. I had so much fun in Seattle!!! This is the view of the sunset from the SpaceNeedle.

No P.S. question today. Sorry!!!


Anonymous said…
Glad to hear the you actually used your camera. I forgot to tell you that my battery died when you called me from the Space Needle. You'll have to show me your key chain. I don't see how you can sleep when the car is moving... I can't sleep in a car when it's not moving. Talk to you later - Paul

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